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Setting sustainability in motion.

We are leading the charge of global permanent magnet recycling here at Ionic Technologies. 

What we're about

Ionic Technologies, formerly known as Seren Technologies, is a spin-out company from Queen’s University Belfast. In 2022, they became the magnet recycling subsidiary 100% owned by Ionic Rare Earths Limited (ASX: IXR).

Leading the way globally in permanent magnet recycling to recover magnet rare earths, our patented process enables the creation of the worlds first sustainable magnets. This innovation offers a scalable solution for countries to establish a supply chain insulated from geopolitical risk. With technology that can be deployed rapidly, Ionic Technologies is enabling the establishment of sovereign supply chains for rare earths.

In September 2022, the UK Government’s Innovate UK Automotive Transformation Fund Scale up Readiness Validation (“SuRV”) program, coordinated by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), awarded a £1.72 million grant (A$2.90 million) to Ionic Technologies to build a demonstration magnet recycling plant to produce separated magnet rare earth oxides (REOs), a first for the UK, as a scale up of successful previous pilot campaigns using the Company’s patented technology.

Vision & Values


Ionic Technologies are masters of permanent magnet recycling. Our patented process is taking strides towards the world’s first sustainable magnets. 


We’re rewriting the narrative when it comes to industrial scale permanent magnet recycling. Our technology is creating opportunities for new supply chains and the creation of sustainable magnets. 


Our technology scales up recycling, empowering countries to insulate themselves from geopolitical risk. 

Have you met Ionic Rare Earths?

Based in Australia, Ionic Rare Earths Limited are focused on the adoption of secure, sustainable, and traceable mining practices, working with strategic partners to create technological innovations and ethical business standards. In doing so, they are making the sustainable mining, refining, and recycling of magnet and heavy Rare Earths possible, empowering the creation of low carbon energy and transportation, innovations in communications and defence other future facing technological applications.

Additionally, Ionic Rare Earths are developing their flagship Makuutu Rare Earths Project in Uganda, with the goal of growing it into a significant and low-cost supplier of high-value magnet and heavy rare earths.

Makuutu is an advanced-stage ionic adsorption clay hosted rare earths project. Thanks to a near surface mineralisation, which stretches 37 kilometres long, proven metallurgical performance producing a product with 71% magnet and heavy rare earth content, and access to existing tier one infrastructure, Makuutu is on the fast track to development to support the establishment of heavy rare earths sourcing for western supply chains. 

Meet our team

Masters of Permanent Magnet Recycling

We are leading the charge of global permanent magnet recycling here at Ionic Technologies. 

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