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Our Technology

Ionic Technologies has developed rare earth element separation and refining technology applying this to the recycling and refining of individual magnet rare earths from spent permanent magnets. Our process is agnostic on feedstock magnet quality and variability in feed composition.

Magnet recycling

Our technology - a step change in recycling

Magnet crushing/grinding


Separate base metals (Fe,Mn,Al,Ni,Cu,B)

Nd,Pr,Dy,Tb solvent separation (15 stages)

Individual oxides precipitation

Our Plant

Our demonstration plant recovers, separates and refines high-purity magnet Rare-Earth Oxides (REOs) from 30 tonnes per annum of waste magnets and swarf, producing over 10 tonnes of separated magnet REOs from June 2023.

This supports greater supply chain collaboration with downstream metal, alloy and magnet manufacturers. As a spinout from Queen’s University Belfast in 2015,  Ionic Technologies has developed efficient, non-hazardous and economically viable processes for the production of high-purity rare earth oxides with minimal environmental impact compared to current practices.

Rare Earths for life.

Discover Rare Earths

Our Laboratory

Ionic Technologies’ new facility, located in the Titanic Quarter, Belfast, has been equipped with state of the art analytical and hydrometallurgical laboratories, in addition to piloting and demonstration plant bays to progress the scale-up verification of the technology. The team has migrated test work from Queen’s University Belfast across to our dedicated facility where we can continue the development of intellectual property around both magnet and heavy Rare Earth separation, and magnet recycling. 

Our Research

Formerly ‘Seren Technologies’, Ionic Technologies is a spin-out company that emerged from the research conducted at Queen’s University Ionic Liquid Laboratories. Also known as the QUILL Research Centre, this is the oldest, most established centre dedicated to studying ionic liquids and their analogues.

As a member of QUILL we benefit from the centre’s research expertise. Additionally, our team has access to a network of industrial partners that are interested in sustainable technologies.

Ionic Technologies maintains its strong ties with the university where it originated, regularly collaborating with Queen’s University Belfast’s research departments. The collaborative and innovative approach we take to research ensures we remain at the forefront of sustainable technologies.

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